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News on the fight against tobacco

In early summer, the Minister of Health, Lydia Mutsch, tabled a new draft law which strengthens the fight against tobacco. This draft which amends the law of 11 August 2006 on the fight against tobacco will be tabled shortly in the Chamber of Deputies.

The new draft law makes provision for more stringent regulation of the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco:

  •  In future, cigarettes and rolling tobacco containing “characteristic aromas” (menthol, vanilla, confectionery …) will be prohibited.
  •  Manufacturers will be required to make a precise declaration to the public health authorities of the ingredients used in their tobacco products.
  •  The placing of health risk warnings covering 65% of the front and rear surfaces of the tobacco product packaging will become compulsory.
  •  The presence of any advertising or misleading element on tobacco products will be prohibited.

The aim is to protect young people in particular and prevent them from becoming addicted to tobacco. The main national provisions propose:

  •  A ban on smoking in playgrounds.
  •  A ban on smoking in private vehicles when children under the age of 12 are on board.
  •  An increase of the legal age for the sale of tobacco products from 16 to 18. 

To protect citizens and consumers against the potential risks of electronic cigarettes, the draft law makes provision for “vaping” to be banned at all the places where smoking is prohibited.

This draft text also regulates many aspects of the electronic cigarette, such as its commercial sale, the e-liquid content, the nicotine concentration in the liquid, the volume of the refill units, information for consumers and advertising.

Apart from the entry into force of the new law on the prevention of tobacco use, the Minister also referred to the new “National plan for the fight against tobacco addiction 2016-2020” which aims to prevent and reduce tobacco addiction.



  •  Law of 11 August 2006 on the fight against tobacco.
  •  Law of 18 July 2013 amending the law of 11 August 2006 on the fight against tobacco.
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