Absence management


Absenteeism is a major symptom of a deteriorating situation of the human capital of an enterprise; effective and highly qualified treatment is required to mitigate its impact.

In Luxembourg, statistics for absenteeism have been available since 2006.

For the past ten years or so, figures for absenteeism have risen constantly. In 2015, the direct cost of absenteeism caused by illness reached 573 million euros, i.e. 2.5% of the total payroll.

Rising absenteeism numbers made it more necessary than ever before to opt for an innovative and systematic approach based on dependable and uniform data, an approach which will provide a precise, fast and visual overview of the situation enabling specific decisions to be taken by each enterprise.

That is how the concept of the Rough Cut Absenteeism Index (RCAI) was developed. This is a tool for assessment of the action needed to treat absenteeism within an enterprise.

The conclusions of the RCAI guide the enterprise towards a curative or preventive approach of the kind developed within the ASTF.


Total length 4 hours, spread over 2 days as follows:

  • 1st day: 2h15’

Presentation on absenteeism: 1h

Participants: all

Contents: Definition – overview – challenges – treatment (preventive, curative)

Questions: 30’

Evaluation of your level of treatment of absenteeism via the RCAI: 45’

Participants: CEO, HR directors and HR experts (the resource responsible for data management). 

  • 2nd day: 1h45’

Presentation of the results of the evaluation and recommendations.

Participants: CEO, HR directors and HR experts.


Target audience:

HR directors, HR specialists, supervisory staff, CEO.