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Monitoring eyesight

Eyesight Test

This examination is covered by the legal framework set out in the Grand Ducal Regulation of 4.11.1994 laying down minimum requirements for work at a computer screen. On the basis of this regulation, employees must benefit from an eye examination and an eyesight test at regular intervals. The occupational medicine suggests eyesight tests every three to five years.

Eye tests performed

  • Distant visual acuity;
  • Close visual acuity (reading distance);
  • Intermediate visual acuity (distance between screen and PC);
  • Colour vision (Ishihara tests).


  • To detect any sight disorders (short sight, long sight, hypermetropia);
  • To detect an unusual pressure (intraocular pressure);
  • To detect any anomaly in colour vision (colour blindness).


  • A room must be set aside for the intervention of the optometrist or the ASTF doctor;
  • The duration is approximately 5 minutes per person;
  • A maximum of 30 people in the morning and 30 people in the afternoon.

The tests are performed with your glasses or contact lenses if you usually wear them.

After the examination has been performed few practical recommendations for eye exercises and advices on ergonomics at the workplace will be handed to the employee.

Persons concerned : All employees.

Access the request form for vision tests in companies.