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All companies in the tertiary, financial and related sectors can join the ASTF. The affiliation to the ASTF is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. To do so, complete the affiliation document below and return it to us at accueil@astf.lu After approval by the Board of Directors, we will handle the administrative procedures related to the change of affiliation at the level of the Joint Social Security Centre. A membership certificate and the terms and conditions for connecting to our site for all requests will be sent to you. The contribution to the ASTF is based on the number of employees at 31 December of the previous year. The amount of the membership fee is set at the Annual General Meeting held in April of each year. Currently, the contribution is EUR 45 per employee. In the event of affiliation during the year, the amount of the contribution will be fixed pro rata temporis on the basis of the number of employees employed at the time of affiliation.