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Lighthouse Program

How to stay on track facing professional exhaustion?


A program for your reconstruction

reserved for employees of ASTF member companies


People suffering from burnout

Suffering from a burn-out, means taking three factors into consideration:

  • 1. professional exhaustion
    loss of energy, mental fatigue, demotivation and frustration.
  • 2. depersonalization
    loss of empathy, negative attitudes towards others, and detachment from reality.
  • 3. decreased personal fulfillment
    by a devaluation of work, doubts about one’s value system and a feeling of incompetence.

Those three dimensions can lead to a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, difficulties in setting limits in one’s work and a strong feeling of guilt and shame.


Lighthouse helps you to see more clearly!


To deal with these problems, the ASTF has developed a specific program, based on its team of doctors, psychologists, nurse-sophrologists and personal development coaches.

The Lighthouse program consists of:

  • A medical clarification;
  • Establishment of a personality profile;
  • Individual psychological follow-up;
  • Discussion group;
  • Sophrology;
  • Body mobilisation;
  • Trainings:
    • Sleep, healthy nutrition, physical activity;
    • Stress management;
    • Burn-out prevention;
    • Communication.


Supporting to rebuild


Reconstruction allows you to work on the different pillars of your personality and your professional identity. It also allows you to take a step back and question your life project.


A program in 3 phases over 4 months


  • 1. Unloading to better recharge yourself
    Recognize your fragile state, focus on your needs, your values and your different spheres of life.
  • 2. A toolbox
    Learn to know oneself, to assert oneself, to let go, to set limits, to know how to say no.
  • 3. Explore all options and make the right decisions
    Open the field of possibilities at work and make a choice about the type of relationship you want to have with work.

Lighthouse program planning


Lighthouse program participant


To participate in the Lighthouse program contact the ASTF

by email:lighthouse@astf.lu,
or by phone: +352 22 80 90-1

Lighthouse Contact - ASTF


L’Association pour la Santé au travail des secteurs Tertiaire et Financier is a health service that has existed since Luxembourg has had a legal framework for monitoring the health and well-being of employees in their workplaces.

Over the years, the ASTF has developed its skills in the prevention and repair of burnout and depression.

The Lighthouse program is part of this prevention and repair approach to the problems caused by professional exhaustion.