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Return to work and occupational reclassification

When an employee is unable to perform the duties of his or her position, whether for reasons of health, infirmity or burnout (without being disabled), it is referred to as inability to perform a job.

To remedy this, there is an occupational reclassification procedure.

The employee may benefit from an internal reclassification within the same company, to another position or to a different work regime.

If internal reclassification is not possible, the employee is offered an external professional reclassification. In this second case, ADEM intervenes to help the employee reintegrate into the job market.

The professional reclassification procedure may be eligible for special aids and measures. It applies to resident employees as well as to frontier employees.

Details of internal or external reclassification procedure are available on the dedicated page of the guichet.lu website.



On July 24, 2020, a new law on professional reclassification was promulgated and will be applicable as of November 1, 2020.

The main changes compared to the former law on occupational reclassification are listed in our article of October 1, 2020: