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Vulnerable Persons - Procedure and Forms

Vulnerable persons may work on condition that the employer has provided them with protection measures appropriate to their vulnerability.

The ASTF proposes the following procedure:

If teleworking is possible, the employer will opt for this solution and the procedure stops there.


  • The employee downloads the vulnerability form and has it duly completed by his or her doctor.
    • He/She sends it by e-mail to the ASTF: accueil@astf.lu.
      The data is subject to medical secrecy and strictly confidential. Only the occupational health service has access to it..
  • The ;employer downloads the workstation layout form and duly completes it.
  • The occupational physician will give his/her opinion on the adaptability of the workstation and the working conditions of the vulnerable person.
    This advice will be sent to both the employer and the employee.