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Covid-19 assessment - Decontainment management in companies

How to reintegrate our administrative buildings?

This « Coronavirus » crisis that has been affecting us for more than a month now, is unprecedented and is still not over. However, recent communications from our Government give us hope that the economic restrictions will gradually be eased - provided that the easing measures taken do not affect the declining trend of contamination.

Law of September 23, 2020 modifying the amended law of 17 July 2020 on measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Before going any further on the matter, here is a brief description regarding the mode of spread of this virus.

A person with Cov-2 SARS coughing or exhaling droplets of infected fluid. Most of these droplets fall onto nearby surfaces and objects. In workspaces, these are work surfaces, screens, keyboards and mice or telephones. It is possible that people touching these contaminated surfaces or objects — and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth — could become infected. A person who stands for at least 15 minutes with less than 2 meters’ distance from another person contaminated with the virus can be infected by inhaling droplets from a coughing fit or simply by exhaling.

The aim of this document is to try and give some practical advices regarding the questions that will arise during the gradual reintegration of our work spaces. < br /> The following measures and advices will be regularly re-examined and adapted in accordance with the evolution of the state of crisis and governmental recommendations.


1. Building infrastructure: specific « Coronavirus » measures

Air Handling Units

  • 100% air renewal as much as possible, recycling a part of the stale air is not recommended, maintenance of a relative humidity of at least 40%.
  • Frequent cleaning of the supply and exhaust air nozzles.
  • Frequent cleaning of ejector grilles.
  • Do not obstruct air inlets or exhaust vents.
  • Working areas in buildings without Air Handling Units must be ventilated frequently and enough time.

Elevators: tips for use

  • Sustained and frequent cleaning of lift cabins and control panels.
  • Individual use is highly recommended, wearing a mask is mandatory if you are not alone.
  • Operate the control knob with your elbow if possible.
  • Hand disinfection before and after the use of an elevator, for this purpose a dispenser can be installed in the elevator airlock.

Maintenance of the building’s infrastructure

  • The planned ordinary maintenance must be carried out as defined by the respective specifications (functional guarantee).
  • Vacant workspaces make it possible to carry out larger maintenance work during normal working hours, avoiding expensive weekend interventions.

2. Workspaces organization

  • NO to Plexiglas between workstations, the distance of 2m must be respected, otherwise the use of mask is mandatory.
  • NO au flex-desking ou desk-sharing: define and clearly identify the workstations that can be occupied on the basis of the compulsory minimum distance to be observed.
  • NO to the use of social areas, meeting rooms, convivial areas, canteens, lounge areas etc. if a distance of 2 m cannot be guaranteed.
  • NO to customers entrance, except if the conditions of distancing are guaranteed, the wear of a mask is mandatory, have some spare masks at your visitors’ disposal, for those who wouldn’t have any, no handshake!!
  • NO to wandering in working areas, the employee who works within the company premises will remain mostly at his or her workstation.
  • YES to the consequent reduction of the workforce present in the company, working in several teams, one of which is present in the company and the other in teleworking. Make sure that it is always the same people who work together. Clearly identify the workstations that need to be occupied and remove all computer equipment including work seats from workstations that remain vacant.
  • YES, wear a protective mask for all meetings or discussions between people if the safety distance of 2 meters cannot be respected.
  • YES, identify an isolation room for a person with symptoms and inform about the procedure to follow.
  • YES, appoint a « Covid-19 manager » and make sure everyone has his/her contact details.
  • YES to clean and hygienic work spaces, organize frequent and sustained cleaning of work spaces. Regularly clean the sanitary areas and work surfaces during working hours, input devices and telephones of workstations identified as occupied must be wiped down after each working day.

Standard office layout

2x 8 workstations in « Bench » setup.
Minimum dimensions: width 1,60 m x depth 0,80 m
Length of the diagonal (d) between two people working opposite each other offset: 2 x 1,13m = 2,26 m

Minimum passage width between 2 people working back-to-back: 2 m
Length of the diagonal (D) between 2 people working back-to-back deported: 2,56 m

If you have any questions, please use this form (survey now closed). We will add the answers as FAQs on our website.


3. Self-determined individual protection measures

  • Absolutely refrain from coming to work if you observe symptoms on yourself or a member of your family, put yourself in quarantine and immediately inform your dedicated « Covid-19 Manager ».
  • If symptoms develop at the workplace, immediately report to your Covid-19 Manager and isolate yourself in the room provided for this purpose. Provide your Covid-19 Manager with the list of all professional staff you have been in close contact with over the last 48 hours (less than 2 meters’ proximity for a duration of more than 15 minutes).
  • In the event of the 2 above-mentioned cases, contact your doctor immediately and have yourself tested. Communicate the test result as soon as possible to your Covid-19 manager.
  • Respect the minimum social distance of 2 meters.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in circulation areas where the minimum social distance of 2 meters cannot be observed.
  • Protect yourself and others: barrier gestures, hand hygiene, do not put your hands on your face, do not shake hands.



We recommend that companies purchase 4-5 cloth masks for each employee.
Useful addresses can be found at the following government link: epi-covid19.lu
(no longer available),