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Law against tobacco use

Main points involving the occupational environment

The law seeks above all to protect non-smokers against other people’s smoke and also to protect young people below the age of 16 from active or passive tobacco consumption.
Advertising for tobacco and its free distribution are therefore prohibited. The sale to minors below the age of 16 is likewise banned. 
Smoking is also prohibited:

  • in hospital establishments, waiting rooms of healthcare professionals and pharmacies;
  • in educational establishments;
  • in covered sports premises, establishments in which public performances are given, exhibitions and other rooms open to the public;
  • in the lobbies and rooms of public buildings;
  • in public transport;
  • in catering establishments;
  • in shopping malls.

The workplace is governed by:

Article 16 § 3:
“The employer must take every possible action to safeguard and improve the protection of the physical and mental health of workers in particular … by taking the necessary measures to ensure that the workers are effectively protected against the emanations resulting from the use of tobacco by other people”.

For further information, please download the law on this page.