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A pandemic is the spread of a human disease on a global scale. It occurs when a new virus emerges against which the immune system is defenseless.

The major impact of a pandemic on businesses will be absenteeism, which can reach up to 40% of workers at the peak of the pandemic.
Hence the need for every company to prepare a Business Continuity Plan (PCA in French).

The PCA is a mechanism that aims to limit the potential impact of a crisis situation: its purpose will therefore be to allow the continuation of activities while ensuring the protection of workers. Indeed, according to article L.312.1 of the Labour Code: "the employer is obliged to ensure the safety and health of workers in all work-related aspects".

The ASTF is your privileged partner in the development and implementation of your Business Continuity Plan, especially as regards the definition of the measures to be implemented for the protection and health of workers, hygiene measures, information and training of workers, identification of risks of damage to health in the workplace, advice in the field of hygiene and health education.

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