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Periodic check-up

Occupational medicine visits become periodic

Since 1995, according to Luxembourg law, a periodic check-up is recommended every 5 years for all employees under 50, and every 3 years for all employees over 50, unless the risk justifies a shorter frequency (Act of June 17, 1994).
It's up to the occupational physician to determine the frequency. He/she may also, at any time, ask to consult the company's employees.

In 1995, it was agreed that the tertiary sector was risk-free and that periodic check-ups were not necessary.
In the meantime, working conditions have changed as a result of digitalization. Psycho-social risks are now a real risk for workers.

For this reason, the ASTF will henceforth set a periodicity after each recruitment visit and after each consultation in accordance with the terms of the law.

It goes without saying that anyone who has an aptitude certificate marked "not submitted" will continue to have this certificate. The periodic check-up remains a choice. However, we suggest that you send us all those people who have NEVER had a medical examination and who have NO medical certificate.

We strongly advise you to keep all your aptitude sheets, so that you can present them at any ITM inspection.


If you have any questions or require further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us via your referring physician or accueil@astf.lu.