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Simple advice enabling you to improve your sense of wellbeing at work


  • Rest your eyes by regularly interrupting work at the computer screen: breaks of just 5 minutes are already very beneficial to the eyes. These breaks may be used to perform a different type of activity, for instance to use the telephone, look out of the windows or look across your office.
  • Install your computer in such a way that the visual distance between you and the screen is between 50 and 70 cm and the upper edge of the screen is not higher than your own eyes.
  • Avoid reflections and situations of dazzle by closing the window blinds (if these are fitted) on sunny days.
  • Avoid screen flashes by keeping lamps and other electrical appliances some distance away from the screen.
  • Avoid using a dark background on your screen. It is preferable to opt for a light screen background with dark characters.
  • Do not use too many colours. Do not use more than three different colours on the screen, including the background colours and characters.
  • Make sure to maintain uniform lighting at your workplace.

Muscular-skeletal system

  • Keep a surface of 10 to 15 cm free in front of the keyboard to rest your hands and forearms.
  • Change your posture regularly and use every opportunity to stand up and move around the office.
  • Avoid stressed and non-physiological postures. Do not turn your head sideways towards the screen while using the keyboard placed straight in front of you; do not unnecessarily obstruct the free space in front of your legs by various objects (such as waste paper basket, bags etc.).