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Sophrology sessions

Sophrology, Simple and natural relaxation

We have been living a special situation for a few months now. Whether in professional or private life, it is important to know how to manage stress and how to take a step back in order not to lose ground.
For member companies and their employees, the ASTF offers sophrology sessions, a simple and natural method to help restore optimism and serenity.


What is sophrology ?

Sophrology is a dynamic relaxation method inspired by oriental disciplines such as Zen, yoga, meditation and adapted to our western lifestyle.

This discipline takes into account a person as a whole, in his or her physical and mental dimension. It will allow to make the link between body and mind to bring well-being and relaxation.

Practicing Sophrology allows you to relax in a simple and natural way with breathing, muscle relaxation and visualization exercises.


In practice:

Sophrology can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or physical condition and can be practiced anywhere, without any equipment or accessories or special ambiance, only a pleasant environment is recommended. Based on our breathing, it will allow a progressive relaxation of our body and mind.

Sessions are held in a comfortable position, preferably with eyes closed and guided by the animator's voice. They can be practiced individually or in groups, face-to-face or remotely.


How is a session held?

After receiving a brief description of the session from the sophrologist, each participant will chose a comfortable position. The practice then consists to focus on oneself and one's breathing to gradually bring about a relaxation of the body and mind, through a few contraction or relaxation exercises. Through different techniques, such as exercises to visualize an object or a pleasant moment, attention will turn to emotions and positive sensations.

These repeated positive experiences will allow us to anchor positive emotions in our consciousness and to apprehend events more serenely.


What are the benefits of sophrology?

Sophrology allows:

  • To take a step back;
  • To refocus on oneself, to relax ;
  • To get to know oneself, to better manage one's emotions, one's stress;
  • To adopt a more serene attitude towards the future, facing difficulties;
  • To feel in harmony, to have confidence in oneself and in one's resources;
  • To increase one's abilities;
  • To look at life with optimism.


The ASTF now gives you the opportunity to participate in sophrology sessions.

Contact us via sophrologie@astf.lu to receive further information.


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