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Workplace and high heat, what is the current legislation?

You were many to request our Web site looking for information, here is why we wish to return on certain aspects of the protection of the workers (ITM-ET 32.10), regulated by the Inspection du Travail et des Mines (ITM.lu).

Extracts from Article 12 - Ventilation, ventilation and heating :

12.2. If a ventilation system is used, it must be maintained in good working order.
12.4. If air conditioning or mechanical ventilation installations are used, they must operate in such a way that workers are not exposed to annoying draughts.
12.9. The temperature in the working premises must be adequate for the human body during working time, taking into account the working methods applied and the physical constraints imposed on workers.
12.11. Ventilation must be sufficient to prevent overheating.
12.12. The maximum temperature in the workplace may not normally exceed 26°C (unless the outside temperature exceeds this value).
12.13. Windows, zenithal lighting and glass walls should avoid excessive sunlight in the workplace.

In conclusion :

There is no properly defined maximum temperature in the case of high heats but it is important to maintain the offices at a stable temperature.



Extreme heat - Practical advices

Find the recommendations to follow in case of heat wave on the site of the Ministry of Health and more precisely the complete list of practical advices including those to avoid dehydration (in French).

Also inquire about preventive measures and behaviours recommended by the Inspection du Travail et des Mines and la Direction de la Santé.


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