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Managing summer stress

Summer, a time usually associated with relaxation and time off, can paradoxically turn out to be a stressful time for tertiary and financial sector employees.The absences of some can lead to an increased workload for those still present. However, effective strategies can be implemented to manage this summer stress and preserve the well-being of employees.


Anticipating coworkers’ absences

Lack of preparation for vacations and changes in routine can generate stress and uncertainty. Disruptions to work habits can lead to a sense of disorganization. Therefore, it is essential to anticipate absences and identify priority tasks.

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The importance of communication

Open and transparent communication within the team is essential to plan alternatives to the usual way of working. It is therefore crucial that team members communicate with each other about their vacation plans, departure and return dates.


Show kindness and support

Employees are encouraged to show kindness and support to their colleagues, as it may be necessary to adapt processes and strategies based on available resources or changes in routine. The working environment should remain healthy and productive, even with small teams.


Optimizing time management

Effective time management is essential for coping with summer stress. In addition to prioritizing tasks, employees are required to organize themselves without the support of their colleagues who are on vacation. Managers are aware that staying focused on work does not prevent their staff from taking regular breaks to recharge and reduce stress.

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Recognizing the benefits

Working during typically slower professional periods also has its advantages, as it offers the opportunity to focus on important or time-consuming projects without the usual interruptions. Meetings and phone calls are generally less frequent. Another advantage of working during the off-peak period is the reduction in commuting times. With less traffic on the roads, daily commutes are quicker and less demanding.



Although summer is a time of rest for some, it can be a source of stress for others. By understanding the causes of summer stress, it is easier to implement strategies to counteract it. Companies can transform this period into an opportunity to strengthen team cohesion. A proactive, caring approach is the key to getting through the vacation period with peace of mind.

If you are working while others are enjoying their vacations, don’t forget that at some point the roles will be reversed.
Enjoy your vacations, everyone!