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Absence from work for more than six weeks

Care of persons who are absent for a period of illness lasting more than 6 weeks.

In the interest of good cooperation between member companies and the ASTF, we advise the employer to request a consultation with the occupational health doctor when an employee is suffering from a long illness and is absent from work for more than 6 weeks.

Aim of the intervention:

  • To analyse the employee’s social situation and, where appropriate, remedy situations of violence, harassment etc.
  • To provide professional care in a situation of burnout, depression, dependence, violence, post-traumatic stress, suicide risk, decompensation at the workplace etc. requiring specifically targeted treatment
  • To maintain the person concerned in employment: the law covering 78 weeks of absence over a period of 104 weeks or 6 months’ consecutive absence without a return to work creates a risk that the person concerned will lose his/her job.

What offers the ASTF:

The ASTF offers appropriate follow-up in a context of active listening and/or coaching. The occupational health medecine prepare a return to work under the best possible conditions. The occupational health medecine likewise help to route the person towards the appropriate healthcare professional. We also offer assistance with administrative steps: recognition of disability, therapeutic half-time work, application for handicapped worker status etc.

Benefit of the intervention for the employer:

Reduction of the length of absence from work of the person who is ill. 
Rebalancing of the workload within the group. 
Reduction of the financial cost.

Benefit of the intervention for the employee:

Care for the particular case and rapid accompaniment.
Prevention of recurrence by preparing the return to work as effectively as possible.
Faster problem-solving thanks to privileged and specific contact between the employer and the ASTF.