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Health Coaching@astf

New premises, new projects !

“Health is the most precious treasure and the easiest to lose, but it is the one which is least well-guarded”. Dr Chauvot de Beauchêne 

The medical team at ASTF is inspired by that quotation from an 18th century physician and offers pathways to protect this treasure… 

With effect from 17 September 2015 we will be offering a new healthcare programme entitled : “healthcoaching@astf” or how to make your health capital pay dividends ! 

The fact is that regular occupational medical examinations are not compulsory in the tertiary sector because the legislator felt at the time that there was no risk of occupational illness. However, nowadays the number of absences from work caused by burnout is rising year on year. Prevention being better than cure we would like to offer financial sector employees an opportunity to consult their occupational doctor and review their health, both physical and mental.

By the same token we will be able to take an “inventory” of the state of health in the enterprise and detect the “hot spots” on which you can focus to improve wellbeing at the workplace.

The aim of the programme is to offer a ready made solution to improve and safeguard the health and wellbeing of your employees.
Its main benefit is based on personalisation of the programme, for both patient and enterprise. The concept remains true to the fundamental principles of the ASTF, in particular to the fact that the “health of the enterprise depends upon the health of its employees”.

Our intervention is based on two main pillars : individual and also collective prevention.

The first phase is purely individual and concerns the employee.

An appointment will be made for each person. On his or her arrival on our premises a blood test will be taken, an eye test given and his or her weight and height measured. In addition, each employee will be asked to complete a short medical questionnaire and a questionnaire permitting stress evaluation.

In a second part, in the light of the results of the examinations and the answers to the questionnaires, the examination will be completed by tests and questionnaires of a more personalised nature.

Finally, the person will have a consultation with the doctor for a clinical examination, the different results will be analysed and personalised advice given.
The 2nd phase concerns the enterprise and also its employees. We will provide anonymised statistics about the state of health of the employees and, by corollary, of the enterprise.

These statistics will be accompanied by recommendations and proposals for practical solutions to be offered in the enterprise such as trainings in stress management, nutrition, sleep disorders, setting up relaxation sessions, promotion of physical activity or poster campaigns on a health topic which the ASTF can suggest to you.

For further information, please contact the ASTF : 
by e-mail : accueil@astf.lu
by telephone : 22 80 90 1
For further details click on : healthcoaching@astf