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Health checkups by ASTF

Since 2003, the ASTF, occupational medicine of the Tertiary and Financial sectors, has been offering health checkups to financial sector employees. The results are conclusive.


ASTF check-ups are now free. Only samples taken in advance by an independent laboratory, remain at the company’s expense.


Check-up @ ASTF, what does this involve ?

Our check-ups usually include:

  • A blood test to determine the blood count (red, white corpuscles etc), ferritin, a lipid balance (fatty substances in the blood) including in particular cholesterol, the kidney function, the renal function (liver), glycaemia (sugar) and the thyroid gland function. After the age of 40 the PSA (prostatic antigens) are also measured for men.
  • A urine examinatio;.
  • A calculation of the BMI (body mass index) and a measurement of the body fat and degree of hydration of the organism (Bodycheck®);
  • Audiometry (measurement of the hearing);
  • Spirometry, i.e. a measurement of lung function and capacity (early detection of early chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, fibrosis);
  • Measurement of visual acuity, a test of colour vision and the field of vision;
  • Measurement of eye tension (to detect glaucoma);
  • A basic electrocardiogram.
  • An osteodensitometry test (to detect osteoporosis) for women over the age of 40.
  • a complete medical history and examination with personalized advice;
  • If necessary, referral to a specialist.

From a practical point of view, the patient comes to his appointment with his blood and urine test results.
Once there, he will perform all the tests and examinations with a nurse. Finally, he will be seen in consultation by the occupational physician to analyze his results.

The whole process will take one hour and a half.


When should a health check-up be performed?

With the agreement of the company, each employee can have a check-up at the rate recommended by the international guidelines:

  • between the ages of 20-29, one control check-up;
  • between 30-50 years old, a check-up every 5 years;
  • over 50 years of age, it is recommended to perform a check-up every 3 years.


Check-up results

The results of the check-ups are personal and confidential. They are only presented to the person who performed the examination.

Each year, the results of all check-ups are analyzed in the ASTF’s annual report because they provide an overview of the overall health of employees in the service and financial sectors. These results are expressed as anonymous statistics.


In conclusion : health at all costs

At a time when obesity and the accompanying disorders such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia an diabetes have been declared public enemy Number One, action is vital ; everyone must be made aware of his or her state of health and of the fact that he/she can personally exert an active and positive influence upon that state of health. Faced with a constantly aging population we owe it to ourselves to age in the best conditions in order to avoid the social system collapsing.

When the health checkup is performed, we devote a large part of the consultation to an explanation of preventive hygiene and dietary measures and motivation to take physical exercise. In this way a good many patients improve their condition without having to use pharmaceutical substances.

If you are interested in our checkups please download the document “Check-up” on this page or contact us.