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Sun and Heat

Our recommendations to stay protected all summer long.

A tanned complexion, a healthy glow. Be careful not to skip the steps to get there!
When it is burned by the sun, the skin reddens because it is irritated, inflamed.

For a healthy tan, be sure to use a sunscreen with a minimum sun protection factor of 20 (even here in Luxembourg).
Apply the product every 2 hours to ensure proper protection and hydration of the skin.
Cover your head and protect your eyes with sunglasses (UV 400 category 3 standard).


ist of preventive tips in case of high heat:

  • do not go out during the hottest hours.
  • look for shade and protect your head (hat, cap, etc.).
  • hydrate yourself regularly and do not drink alcohol.
  • do not leave children in direct sunlight.
  • do not make any significant physical effort.
  • keep your home cool and ventilated.
  • get news from those around you (especially the elderly).


Find our information brochure:
The effects of the sun, skin types, sun index and UV protection as well as a poster to print.


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