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Crisis situation

Provision of care for a team, the managers and any internal player
within the enterprise in a crisis situation.

In a crisis situation, the enterprise has a duty to protect its employees and offer them 
professional help.

Aim of the intervention:

To provide care for a team confronted with a traumatic situation : death or suicide risk of a colleague, physical or verbal aggression, company restructuring or merger, accident at the workplace or elsewhere etc.
To detect persons who are rendered fragile by the situation.
To detect the risks of post-traumatic stress.

The ASTF offer:

The ASTF offers to provide care in a secure environment. We analyse the situation and propose an action plan in agreement with the enterprise. Follow-up is important to keep an eye on the development of the situation and continue to provide support for the managers.

Benefit of the intervention for the employer:

Maintenance of an attentive and respectful image with employees by offering appropriate care.
Reduction of absences from work and errors caused by a difficult or stressful context.
Overall assistance for the group, the managers and, depending on the situation, the person concerned.

Benefit of the intervention for the employee: 

Enable the employee to distance himself/herself from the situation and put it in perspective.
Reassure the persons concerned by soundly based explanations and active listening.
Guide them in the actions to be taken later on.
Guide the manager to make sure that decisions taken are appropriate to the experienced situation.