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Medical questionnaire on recruitment

In Luxembourg, the medical examination upon recruitment is a legal requirement for all employees, regardless of the position envisaged. Its purpose is to check the employee's suitability for the job, prevent occupational risks and protect the employee's health. It must be carried out by a state-approved occupational physician.


What is the medical questionnaire upon recruitment?

The medical questionnaire is a document that enables the occupational physician to assess whether the employee is able to carry out his work without risk to his health. It is used as part of a pre-recruitment visit.


Who should fill in the medical questionnaire?

The medical questionnaire must be completed by the employee him/herself. It is important that the answers are honest and complete, so that the occupational physician can make an accurate assessment of the employee's health status.


What does the questionnaire contain?

The form consists of a « personal data » section to be checked and, if necessary, completed by the employee, as well as a « medical questionnaire ».
The medical questionnaire contains questions about the employee's current and past health status, including medical history, current treatments, allergies, vaccinations, physical activities and lifestyle habits (diet, smoking, alcohol, etc.).


What happens if the employee refuses to complete the medical questionnaire?

Refusing to complete the medical questionnaire can have prejudicial consequences for the employee. They will not receive a job fitness certificate, the document that attests to their fitness to carry out their professional activity. In the event of health problems, employees will not be eligible for redeployment if they have worked in the company for less than 3 years.


Are the details on the medical questionnaire confidential?

Employees have no reason to fear for their privacy, as the information collected in the questionnaire is processed in compliance with the GDPR and is subject to medical confidentiality. Under no circumstances can the occupational physician pass on this information to the employer or anyone else.


If you still have questions about the medical questionnaire, do not hesitate to contact accueil@astf.lu