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COVID vaccination

Update of February 2, 2021

Vaccination phases in Luxembourg

Vaccination strategy put in place by the High Council for Infectious Diseases against Covid19 in Luxembourg.
This vaccination strategy is broken down into successive phases according to the availability of vaccine doses.

Phase 1 (since 28/12/2020)
Health care professionals and staff of health care facilities and residential structures, as well as residents of these facilities and structures.

Phase 2 Highly vulnerable people
Over 75 years old, transplant patients, etc.

Phase 3 Significantly vulnerable people
70-74 years old, severe chronic disease, BMI ≥ 40.

Phase 4 Moderately vulnerable people
65-69 years old, moderately severe chronic disease.

Phase 5 People who may be exposed to a higher risk
55-64 years old, BMI ≥ 30, stable disease.

Phase 6 Specific categories and general population
General population under 54 years of age.



Update of January 6, 2021

Questions & Answers about COVID vaccins.

Pr Michel Moutschen, head of the infectiology department - internal medicine, CHU of Liège, answers questions related to vaccines and vaccination against covid-19 (in French with subtitles only).