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ASTF offers health days

Avoiding burn out

The demands of today's world often make us sacrifice a healthy lifestyle: leaving early in the morning without breakfast, eating a sandwich at lunchtime in the corner of the office while working, coming home in the evening tired to slump in front of the television and finally find a disturbed and unrestful sleep.

We don't move around much anymore, we eat too much fat and sugar, we don't sleep well and one day we find ourselves in the middle of a burn out without having seen it coming.

To remedy this, the ASTF has developed a training course to re-learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle, one that allows for an active and successful professional life but also in harmony with a fulfilling private life. The training is aimed at all companies wishing to preserve the psychological and physical balance of their employees because a company is only as good as its human capital.

The program includes elements of stress management, communication, nutrition, ergonomics and addresses the subjects of physical activity and sleep disorders. For those who want to know more about their health, the ASTF offers complete medical check-ups with personalized medical advice.